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There is the possibility to put extra ventilation in the window because of what you get an additional option to ventilate the roomt We use ventilation VENTAIR II
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We have two types of crossbars Between glass, very useful, you do not have to wash. Always clean Available thicknesses Available colors Duplex(it is glued to the glass and between glass) Thickness 33 mm and 43 mm
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We offer glass with 2 layers or 3 layers. All glass panes have energy glass, which means they have a special invisible layer that keeps warmth inside the house 2-layer glass has U value 1.1 (Ug) and noise reduction level approximately 29dB 3-layer glass has U value 0.5 (Ug) and noise reduction level approximately 31dB All glass panes have argon gas inside.
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We have a wide selection of different options, such as: Tempered safety Laminated safety Suncontrol special glass that protects the room against ultraviolet Opal Chinchilla Crepi Master-carre And others
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We use high-tech profile lamination Choose your color from color selection You can also choose wood imitation The colors are very long lasting
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We have a large selection of blinds Classical aluminum blinds Wooden blinds Plisse
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Price: from  34.00
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